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Submission Guidelines:

We accept submissions of original music or original arrangements of common domain music. We do not accept straight transcriptions of existing music; for instance, we would not accept "Lágrima" by F. Tárrega, but would accept "Lágrima" arranged for, say, two guitars or guitar and flute. We are focused on music for beginning guitar and guitar ensemble, especially music that can be used in teaching situations.

A one-time registration fee of $99 is required to gain access and upload scores, etc. An annual maintenance fee of $19 is due on the anniversary of the Registration date. Contributors can then upload files for their scores (PDF, Mp3) and manage their own catalogue and profile page. All submissions will be reviewed for accuracy and engraving quality.

Revenue Share

We pay you 50% of the sale price for your scores. What's more, the agreement is non exclusive and you are free to also publish your music elsewhere!

Download a copy of our Distribution Agreement.

Download a copy of our Payment Schedule and Pricing Structure.

How do I start?

  • Sign up to create an account . ('Sign In' in Header at the top of this page.)
  • Pay your Registration fee. ('My Membership' on Profile tab.)
  • Contact us to convert your account to a Contributor account.
  • Build your profile.
  • Upload your scores.
  • Earn money!

If you are uncertain about whether your music is suitable for the site or have any other concerns, feel free to contact us and tell us a little bit about yourself and your scores (i.e., instrumentation, difficulty, etc.), and we'll respond as quickly as possible, usually in a day or two.

If we decide to host your music on our site, we will execute a distribution agreement with you. (You can download a copy here.)

Remember, you can only submit music for which you own the copyright and which fulfills some basic submission criteria as outlined above. Please note that we do not accept all scores submitted/uploaded.

What are the copyright restrictions on scores I can submit?

  • Scores composed entirely by you.
  • Out-of-copyright ('common domain') music arranged by you.
  • In addition, any lyrics in your score must be written by you, be out of copyright, or else you must have permission from the copyright holder. You are responsible for ensuring that you are the sole copyright owner in scores you submit (or have permission to use copyright lyrics) and you will be held liable in the event of breach of copyright.

View a more detailed explanation of copyright.

Proof-read your score!

Please check your score to ensure that it conforms to common practice notational conventions, especially those for classical guitar, and that good compositional craftsmanship is utilized with regard to voice leading, etc.

View our engraving and proofreading guidelines.

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