• Music 4 Classical Guitar
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  • Music 4 Classical Guitar
    Score one for the good guys

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    Our pre-purchased bundles give you up to 20% more!

Experience Matters

We’re teachers and performers who know the importance of good classical guitar sheet music for the classroom, studio and concert hall. Our experience as guitarists helps us understand the unique challenges of composing and arranging for the guitar.

Helping Each Other

Your purchase supports a fellow musician who, like you, is making their living from their art. Contributors retain copyright of their music and receive 50% of sales.

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Our sheet music is available for immediate download – and we’ll archive all your purchases in your personal Locker!


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Great reasons to use our scores:

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    Over 1500 titles, especially for classical guitar ensemble and classical guitar with other instruments - we have what you need!

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    See and hear your scores before you buy them.

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    Your scores are available right away - no waiting for the mailman!

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    Competitive prices are made even better with discounts, special offers and advanced credits at a discount (Dolce Bundles).

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    Distributing sheet music by PDF download means less paper, and no packaging or emissions from shipping! We also donate 3% of sales to Tree Canada and receive our electricity from renewable energy supplier Bullfrog Power. Thanks for being part of our efforts to make the world better!

  • We’re Proud of Our Work

    We take pride in making sure our scores are accurate and well engraved.

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September Special: 20% off Guitar Duo Music!
September 1

"Nothing is more beautiful than a guitar, save perhaps two," said Chopin. We agree! We've put Guitar Duos on special this month, so find a guitar-playing pal, grab some music, and create some beauty! Some of our favourites: Songs of Spring, No. 1 -…

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"Never having thought of writing for the guitar, I asked Julian Bream for a chart which would explain what the guitar could do. I managed to write some rather pretty pieces for him, except that the first six notes of the first piece all need to be played on open strings. So when he begins to play the audience will probably think he’s tuning the bloody thing up!"
William Walton

Our Ensemble

Some of our professional musicians who have arranged or composed our scores.

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