on November 19, 2017

Be a cheerleader to the Soul

I co-teach a group class on Saturday mornings. As I was tuning a young lad's guitar, he stood waiting with his hands on his hips, looking a bit like Superman in a movie poster, so I remarked to him, "Hey, you're standing in the 'Hero's Stance'!"

He immediately took his hands off his hips and slouched a bit, so I clarified my comment: "You are a hero don't you think? In fact we're all heroes, right?" He thought about it, then said, "The heroes of our own lives!" Bingo. I handed him back his guitar and he strode back to his seat with a big smile on his face, a smile that lasted the whole class.

Teacher or no, never miss the opportunity to be a cheerleader to the soul. Wonderful things will happen, I promise you...