on January 19, 2017

Like a Pony

How does the New Year feel for you? Is it like getting a pony? Or maybe a new bicycle? More like the first day of summer, or the last day of school? No matter how it feels, a new year seems to bubble with promise and potential. I hope that as we pick up our post-holiday routines we can all hold on to a bit of that magic and continue to dream our futures into existence…

At M4CG, we are brimming with anticipation for the year ahead and all the opportunities that will manifest. First up is a major site re-design that we hope will enhance your experience with us; expect to see the changes by early February...

January Special: 10% off Guitar Trio Music!

Chopin said "Nothing is more beautiful than a guitar, save perhaps two."  Imagine then, what a gas it would be with three. So grab a couple of pals, tune up, and bring it to the world! Try these for starters:

Bo Dodi - David Solomons

Danza - F. Callejo

Four Short Fun Trios - Gunar Ulrich

Marche Militaire - F. Schubert

10 Trios for Beginning Guitarists - Randal Rhoades

Do You Like Folk Music?

Our Folk Song Primer series is a great way to extend your gig repertoire or get students playing by using familiar music. The arrangements are relatively easy and can be implemented in a variety of ways and with a flexible number of performers; introductions and a repeats offer opportunities for variation by way of dynamics, colour, added percussion, etc. Be creative!

Table of Contents:

Alouette!, Aura Lee, Early One Morning, Frère Jacques, Go Tell Aunt Rhody, Greensleeves, I's the B'y, Oh, Susannah!, Old MacDonald, Scarborough Fair, Simple Gifts, She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain, This Old Man, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Un Canadien Errant

A Folk Song Primer (Guitar Solo)

A Folk Song Primer (Guitar Duo)

A Folk Song Primer (Guitar Trio)