on May 21, 2018

Hello Everyone,

If you stay with it, and get a bit lucky, every once in a while your career will offer you a peak experience. I had one such project over the last few months that has finally come to fruition:

I co-teach a group class on Saturday mornings and many students stay with us for several years. As this season was to be the last for three young men who had played as a trio for several years, we decided a special project was in order - we headed to the studio and produced a four track CD! With support from the board and and a big effort on the part of the boys and their 'producer' (yours truly!), we finished production last week with a disc that they will share with their family and friends. What a way to go out!

They have also made the music available for steaming  and download on SoundCloud and NoiseTrade. I invite you to have a listen, and hey, if you like what you hear, all the compositions and arrangements are available on M4CG!

If it sounds like I'm bragging, you bet I am! It's important to celebrate your victories - others will not always sing your song - so that you can leverage them to move forward towards the next one...what are you celebrating? 

Wishing you all musical joy and success,