on April 9, 2018

Commitment to Outcome

I have been thinking a lot lately about the power of commitment to outcome: the power to achieve a result when the way forward is unclear. Case in point:

I recently started a six year old student, and his parents, both busy professionals, were not greatly invested in what was going on at home between lessons. Further, the young boy had a very unique way of being in the world, so my usual teaching methods were not that effective. I was feeling a little lost and alone in the situation, but realized that I had to hold the energy for everyone until things got rolling on their own.

With this commitment firmly in mind, I carefully observed my student, and focused on building a relationship with him (and the parents), seizing on any activities that moved things forward and kept a smile on my students face. Patience and commitment has paid off, and he is now playing a song or two and still has a smile on his face (so do his parents!).

More importantly, I have been able to leverage this concept in other areas of my life, musical and otherwise, increasing my comfort and confidence in those situations that feel unscripted.

Wishing you all musical joy and success,