on July 2, 2017

10% off all Guitar Solo scores!

Let's face it, one of the reasons we play guitar is that we can tell the whole musical story, melodically and harmonically, as a soloist. Besides the polyphonic qualities, the guitar also offers an infinite array of colours, textures and special effects that make it singular among instruments. To help you explore all that the guitar is, we've put all Guitar Solo scores on special this month, 10% off. Have a look at some of our favourites, or browse our catalogue of over 100 guitar solo scores:

Variations on a Theme by Sor - Kevin Love

Returning 1 - Henry Wadsworth

Gavotte en Rondeau, BWV 1006 - J. S. Bach

Bliss - Gunar Ulrich

No Worries - Kevin Love

Portrait - Henry Wadsworth

Dedicatoria - E. Granados

Bach to the Future - Gunar Ulrich