on July 1

January Special: All Violin and Guitar Music 20% Off!

The legendary Paganini often toured with a guitarist as his accompanist. Being the fiery performer he was, Paganini composed music to demonstrate his virtuosity on the violin, often giving the guitarist a very pedestrian part. His partner grew tired of this and complainedi, "Why don't you write some flashy bits for the guitar now and then?!"

Paganini thought that was a good idea and did so, however when it came time to perform the music, he handed the violin to the accompanist and played the guitar part himself!

We hope your relationship with your violinist is more equitable and amicable, and to celebrate that, we've put violin and guitar music on special this month. Here are some of our favourites:

Four Spanish Dances by Sarasate - Pablo de Sarasate, arr. K. Krantz 

"Pablo de Sarasate (1844-1908) was a Spanish violinist and composer of the romantic period. Several of these arrangements have been recorded by Ensemble Miró on their album Presencias (Editions Hortus #122). Malaguena Op. 21, Romanza andaluz Op 22, Playera Op. 23 and Zapateado Op. 23."

Mean Street - Gunar Ulrich

"Take a walk down Mean Street with it's bluesey melodies and everchanging bass-line. It leads to a gentle lyrical section before returning to the main theme. The guitar part is written so that it is playable on classical or an acoustic/electric guitar. Enjoy the journey."

Crossing - Henry Wadsworth

A La Nanita Nana - Traditional, arr. R. Rhoades

Berceuse - G. Fauré, arr. K. Love

"This is one of my favourite pieces by Fauré. It has such an engaging lilt that you could say it 'rocks' - the cradle, that is!"

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