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Guitar Quartet Music on Special!

Magic has invaded my life from time to time, and one such occasion was when I was in college. I had signed up for a guitar ensemble class, and from the very first day I was captivated by the beautiful sonority of many guitars playing in concert. It kindled a life-long love affair that has resulted in many collaborations and ultimately a continuing exploration of composition and arranging for some of my favourite combinations. Our site offers a great emphasis on ensemble music, and quartets in particular. Here are some of the best on the site:

Feet in the Water - Kevin Love 

"On a hot summer day it's wonderful to sit by a river or stream and put your feet in the water. The water flows by with its infinite variety of swirling currents and eddies, the trees sway in a gentle breeze and the sun makes a pleasantly warm cape."

Simple Gifts - Joseph Brackett

"A counter-melody performed with harmonics and rich contemporary sonorities compliment this well-known melody that is stated in 3 different keys throughout the arrangement."

Jubilation - Gunar Ulrich 

"Feel the Joy!"

Gavotte - Francois-Joseph Gossec

"François-Joseph Gossec (1734 1829) was a Belgian composer of operas, string quartets, symphonies, and choral works who worked in France."

Four Dances from Terpsichore - Michael Praetorius 

"From Michael Praetorius' "Terpsichore", a collection of over 300 dances. A fair sprinkling of dynamnics and colour changes will help make these pieces sparkle!"

Wishing you much magic!



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