on May 1, 2023

Solo Guitar Music on Special!

It has been said that the guitar is like an orchestra in miniature, and perhaps this is one of its strongest draws as an instrument. The guitar can provide its own harmony and illuminate a piece of music with a wide palette of tone colours - very satisfying indeed!

To celebrate these facts, solo music is on special this month (20% off!); here are a few of our favourites:

Sweet Country Suite - Gunar Ulrich

A collection of three country inspired pieces for classical guitar. Put on your country hat, grab your guitar, sit out on the porch and play the "Sweet Country Suite". Have fun and give it a country feel. Enjoy the 'banjo' section in 'Country Twist', relax with 'Sleepy Town', and rev-up with 'Sunzup'.

The Gentle Waves - Henry Wadsworth 

Written for an independent motion picture called "Little Heart", this piece describes a cafe scene with two people just getting to know each other and perhaps falling in love...

La ci darem mano - W. A. Mozart, arr. K. Krantz

This is perhaps the most famous aria from Don Giovanni (1789). The title means "give me the (your) hand" or "Reich mir die Hand". I have tried to keep the arrangement close to the style of Sor and Giuliani.

Variations on a Theme by Sor - Kevin Love 

These variations are based on the famous B Minor study by Fernando Sor (Op. 35, No.22; Segovia No. 5). The haunting melody has been begging me for years to be in tremolo ("Sor-ega") and that was the impetus to do these variations (and to move to E minor). The second variation, in E major ("Sor-cassi"), reveals the sunny side of this melody. I imagine it is a 'lost' study by Carcassi (Op. 60, No. 26!). The last variation, "Sor-os" considers what may have happened if Sor met Villa-Lobos.

Folk Songs and Dances - Béla Bartók, arr. R. Whittle

Welcome to the enchanting world of Bartok’s folk music. These pieces have been transcribed from arrangements for flute and guitar.