on May 16, 2012

Gunar UlrichM4CG is pleased to welcome our newest associate composer, Gunar Ulrich.

Gunar Ulrich is a guitarist-composer living "down-under" in Melbourne, Australia.

Married with three children, he runs a private music school, is a visiting specialist guitar teacher, has recently started his own U-tube channel, and uses current technology to write, record, and compose music in various styles.

Previously active as a performer, Gunar is now focused on writing contemporary music featuring the classical guitar.

Classically trained, Gunar has diverse musical interests which are reflected in his compositions, and his original music is influenced by Pop, Latin, Spanish, Blues, Jazz, Country, Rock, World and Contemporary styles.

Eclectic is the word that best describes his approach; his aim is to write interesting music that appeals to the player and listener alike.

We think you'll agree that's evident in his first two offerings: Tapas for Three and Zany Rock.