on February 13, 2017

Moving Forward

Almost as much as I love playing guitar, I love to practice the martial art of aikido. One of the most important principles in aikido is to always move forward, embracing challenge and questing for the future. I endeavour to use that principle in music and life in general. In music, it has helped my playing, and with M4CG it has helped me re-invent the way we offer our music - I'm excited about the new web site that is coming your way very soon!

Expect to see better ways to preview and purchase music and know, too, that our associates will have even more autonomy. Both features make me happy; the first because we're here to help you, busy teachers and performers all, and the latter because it's important to me to share the opportunity to self-publish with my peers.

Associates 'self-publish' on our site, thus retaining their copyright, and earn a much larger royalty (50%) than they might in traditional publishing avenues (10%). Purchasing music on this site is a way to empower professional musicians, many of whom, like you, are seeking to make their way in the world by doing what they love.

Thank you for your support!