on July 10, 2018

Music for Beginning Guitar

Whether you're a budding new guitarist looking for beginning guitar music or a teacher looking for some new material to try out with your students in the studio or classroom, M4CG has you covered! Browsing the catalogue with the 'Difficulty' filter set on 'Easy' will yield scores of scores that will suit your needs. Here are a few highlights from that list:

For Solo Guitar:

Songs of Childhood, Bk. 1, Vol. 1 - Progressive Variations for Guitar (Guitar Solo)

As a teacher, I have found that students thrive on the familiar. Here is a way to capitalize on that enthusiasm by using well-known tunes to gradually introduce typical guitar techniques and textures in a progressive way. "Songs of Childhood", Book 1, contains similar treatment of five melodies: Vol. 1 - Themes and Var. 1 - 4; Vol. 2 - Var. 5 - 9.

Suite Snow (Guitar Solo)

I composed these pieces as 'bridging' material to move from single note melodies to simple arpeggios; with one exception, only a single finger is used in either hand at any given time; preparation exercises for each hand greatly facilitate learning. We both like the snow...

For Guitar Duo:

Starter Bundle (Guitar Duo)

Chopin said "Nothing is more beautiful than a guitar, save perhaps two." This 'Beginner's Bundle' contains 4 scores with a total of 22 pieces to assist beginning guitarists in musical partnership: Over 20 pages of Beethoven, Mozart, Schumann, Murcia and many familiar folk songs, these scores bought separately would cost over 19.00; at 13.50 you save 30 per cent!

Serenade - Easy (Guitar Duo)

A jaunty piece from Papa Haydn.

For Guitar Trio:

10 Trios for Beginning Guitarists

This collection by RG Rhoades represents a fresh, interesting and exciting addition to beginner-level guitar ensemble repertoire. The use of simple rhythms, repetitive fingering patterns, short musical phrases, and a limited note range make the individual parts of each trio playable by the most novice guitarist, and yet have a synergistic effect when played together, resulting in a captivating, unique and contemporary soundscape that offers a pedagogical benefit, too. "Ten Trios for Beginning Guitarists" are certain to provide the instructor, performer, and listener with a rewarding musical experience!

For Guitar Quartet:

Susato "Suite" (Guitar Quartet)

This is a transcription for four guitars of instrumental dance music from Susato's collection "Danserye". The pieces are quite lively and offer lots of opportunities for colour and dynamic contrast.

Waltz, Op. 241, No. 44 (Guitar Quartet)

Originally for solo guitar, this piece also works well for guitar quartet. Although it is a waltz, it has a march - like feel to it; the dynamics and repeat scheme can be enhanced by the liberal use of colour changes.