on January 30, 2017

Working Musician

When I launched M4CG twelve years ago, it was borne of a desire to share the music I had composed and arranged in a way that would allow me to retain as much control and autonomy as possible. The time was right as the technological tools to do so (notation software, secure payment platforms, etc.) were fast becoming available; the movement to democratize music and put control in the hands of the creators that had spread through the recording industry and the book publishing world had finally arrived for sheet music publishing.

It was not a great reach to realize that other composers and arrangers might like to do the same and so I invited a few colleagues to post on the site as well, and M4CG came into being. Just as farmers markets are doing today, we had created a direct link between producers and consumers. This makes me happy, and here's why:

Associates 'self-publish' on our site, thus retaining their copyright, and earn a much larger royalty (50%) than they might in traditional publishing avenues (10%). Purchasing music on this site is a way to empower professional musicians, many of whom, like you, are seeking to make their way in the world by doing what they love.

Thank you for your support!